A Guide to your First Shoot
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Now we're back outside, the season of wondering where on earth your sight needs to be has begun in earnest. The table below will let you enter two sight marks, and then attempts to calculate marks for other distances.

The calculated mark will not be accurate, but should provide a reasonable starting point.

1st Sight mark:
Metres Yards

2nd Sight mark:
Metres Yards


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Welcome to the website of Silver Spoon Bowmen of Spalding. The site should contain everything you need to know about us - who we are, where we shoot and how to get involved in the sport of archery and become a member of our club. The site also contains a comprehensive calendar of archery competitions in and around Lincolnshire, including entry forms, results, shoot reports and photographs. We constantly update the site, so please keep a look out for changes. If, however, there's something that you need to know that isn't on the site, please contact Lynn Fisher, our Club Secretary, whose contact details can be found on the 'Contacts' page.

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